Farmer Al talks about the Taylor’s Gold pear

Here’s Farmer Al, in the orchard discussing the Taylor’s Gold pears…

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  1. June Terril says:

    Ive been getting pears off a tree at an old farmstead where the owners have passed on. Their son doesn’t know the variety of this particular pear I’m picking. I’ve been desparately trying to find out the variety. In searching the web, I’ve narrowed it down (by pics and shape) to Taylor’s Gold, maybe Anjou, Flemish Beauty or similar to Comice. I’m from Wisconsin. These very large heavy pears are still crunchy and very green in Sept. Some will get a reddish blush. It appears that we must pick them around the beginning or middle of Oct. – while they are still green. They’re a heavy, large pear, unsprayed but still flawless, sweet, and crunchy pear. I haven’t seen them after ripening on or off the tree so I don’t know if they turn yellow or not. The shape is almost without a narrow neck, quite rounded but not like the perfect Asian round ones. The skin is quite tough/thick to peel for canning, but they are sweet even when green and crunchy. They can well. Could I maybe be getting Taylor’s Gold pears? I’d like to have a tree like this but need to know what variety they are. Do you have more pics or any way I can identify these for sure?
    Thanks for any help you can give me. June Terril – central Wisconsin

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