Delicious Pear Sorbet Recipe

Last spring, one early afternoon, an old friend announced that he was in town and would be coming that evening for dinner. I had the meal pretty much ready but I had nothing for dessert. It wasn’t going to formal but I did want to have something tasty for dessert. It was before our cherries [&hellip

Classic Pear Upside Down Cake Recipe

I remember the first time I made upside down cake and how thrilled I was. I was able to invert the pan without dropping it or spilling the juice and when I pulled the pan off to reveal the beautiful fruit atop a warm cake with caramel soaked sides, I thought I had died and gone to cake heaven

Chef Becky’s Recipe for Poaching Pears

Frog Hollow Farm’s Chef Becky contributes a simple recipe for poaching pears. Her recipe includes pears, sugar, water and lemon juice. This is a real easy recipe for poaching pears

Warren Pears on Bruschetta with Gorgonzola Cheese

Here’s a gourmet preparation for your good old-fashioned bruschetta. Frog Hollow Farm’s Warren pear and Gorgonzola cheese will lend just the right flavor.

Warren Pear Spritzer

The Warren Pear was screaming to be in a cocktail when I tried it the other day and this was the cocktail that came from that yell 😉

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Warren Pears & a Zinfandel Reduction

By Chef Joe Jacobsmeyer, Joe Squared: Private Chefs A truly remarkable ingredient can make a dish pop off the page from a photograph as well and have it flavors and smell shine in front of you.  The Frog Hollow Farm Warren Pear is one of the rare ingredients that you feel compelled to use as [&hellip