Pear Facts

There’s over 3,000 known varieties of pears… plus a few more cool facts

Bella Donovan poached Pears with Honey-curry sauce

The following recipe is originally by user Jo Jo Ba on the cooking site, Group Recipes. Kimi decided to give it a try, expecting the result to be amazing or the very opposite and a waste of good coffee and good pears. She was delighted to discover that the coffee didn’t taste bitter, the honey sauce wasn’t overpowering, and Jo Jo Ba sure knows how to blend flavors to bring out the best of the ingredients.

Gluten-free Warren Pear Bundt cake by Lynn Coddington

This recipe is inspired by an Apple-Cinnamon Bundt Cake recipe I saw on the Martha Stewart Show in September. I was looking for a quick, fuss-free cake using lots of fruit. So many apple and pear cake recipes contain only a cup or two of fruit. That’s no fun. I wanted in your face pear flavor. I got it. Yum. As a plus, even the gluten-free haters amongst us went back for seconds.

Selecting a pear for ripeness

With some fruits it’s easy to tell when they’re ripe and ready to eat. Color and scent are often great indicators of how much sugar developed in a fruit as it hung on the tree. Pears are unlike most fruit in that their sugars continue to develop after they’ve been picked so color may make for a beautiful pear to display but based on variety may not be a good indicator of the fruits quality.

Warren Pear Champagne Sorbet by Lynn Coddington

Lynn Coddington whipped up this delicious sorbet using Warren pears. Active alcohol in this recipe may make it unsuitable for children or those with sensitivities. The champagne is far from overwhelming in the finished product, with the sweetness of the Warren pear truly shining in this silky sorbet. Lynn’s instructions are detailed and thorough to accommodate any skill level in the kitchen.

Zenchef’s Warren Pear Tarte Bourdaloue

This tart is based on the classic French Tarte Bourdaloue which is a combination of almond frangipane, poached pears and custard baked in a buttery sweet tart dough. Using Warren Pears takes it to a whole different level though, the flavor is so intense it creates a perfect osmosis with the other components.